LIfe Members and Sponsors Day


A Fantastic Day to see our Life Members and Sponsors pack out the Social rooms and enjoy a great luncheon and listen to our guest speaker Tony Shaw.The Club would like to thank David Plumridge,Rob Lett, Rhonda Stock and our very own master chef Richard Craig and all the volunteers who helped in making it a wonderful day.


The day was best summarised by our Local Councillor Nicole Seymour-


Fantastic day today at Scoresby FNC, attending their Sponsors, Life Members & Supporters Luncheon.


I had the privilege of sitting next to Collingwood Legend Tony Shaw. Tony is such a lovely humble man, with such an interesting life story, I could have sat and just chatted to him all day.
Tony was the guest speaker for the luncheon, and he did not disappoint. He shared many stories from his football career as well as personal reflections on his life experiences, all delivered with warmth, humour and confidence.


Much of what he spoke about resonated with me but probably the most impactful takeaway was his belief in the importance of grassroots community sport for youth wellbeing. He shared that he came from a family of 6 who lived in public housing in Reservoir.


Neither parent drove cars, so he and his siblings walked, ran or rode everywhere they went. They only ever had one pushbike in the family, that was passed down from sibling to sibling. Tony shared that he grew up playing sport at his local Football, Cricket and Basketball Clubs, and how important these clubs were to shaping him into the Man and sports man he became.


There is no question, Community Sporting Clubs are important places to foster mateship and self confidence. They are incredibly important places for people to connect and feel part of the local community. As one bloke said to me today, "I enjoy coming to my local Club and supporting them. I feel like I belong. It doesn't matter what you do for a job, where you live, here we are all equals with common interests".


The other very special thing that happened today was the recognition of Colin Roberts and his family's commitment to Scoresby Football Club for more than 60 years. Colin was three when his Dad introduced him to the Club. They had moved to Scoresby from Collingwood and his Dad worked for J.F.Barnes who was instrumental in the early subdivision / development of Knoxfield.


Col's family business, John Barnes & Family Locksmiths have sponsored Scoresby Football Club continuously through economic ups and downs for over 60 years. Today their commitment was recognised with a special presentation and life membership of the Club.


All in all, a really uplifting day with so much positivity in the room. It is so good to be enjoying these kind of events once again.


Well Done SFNC on a great day!!!
And Rise Health Group-
On Saturday, Rise had the pleasure of attending the Scoresby FNC Supporters, Life Members & Supporters Luncheon.
Community Sporting Clubs help people to connect with others in their community, and Rise is so thankful to be a part of this community and be able to not only help athletes come through their injuries, but also support them in their successes.
The Rise Team had the pleasure of hearing from guest speaker, Collingwood Legend, Tony Shaw, as he shared his stories from his career at Collingwood, as well as his reflection life experiences. Tony spoke with such passion and humour.
It was a really inspiring event that Rise was honoured be take part in!