AGM 2020


The AGM for 2020 was held Monday 19th October via a Virtual Meetting.

Unfortunately due to some techical issues we had to swap from TeamViewer to Zoom.

We apologise to those people that registered for TeamViewer and did not receive there email advice in time to swap to Zoom.

If you would like to have a copy of the AGM reports please email the Club at


As a result of the Meeting the following positions have been filled.


Election of Board / Executive Committee for season 2021

Chairman / President - David Renkin 

Vice President – David Plumridge 

Finance Director / Treasurer – Harry Birkenfelds 

Administration Director / Secretary – Michael Anderson

Football Director – Peter Richards

General Committee-

Netball – Nicole Stone / Carly Fraser / Janelle Kelly

Canteen Manager – Damian Bardsley

Canteen Assistants – Richard Craig / Rhonda Stock / Ian Bevis / David Webster

Bar Assistants – Tom Bronsgeest / David Webster / Robert Hoffelner

Buildings & Maintenance – Ross Stock / Ian Bevis

Line marking – Konrad Kolaritsch

Merchandise & Property – Jen Waryzsczuk

Game Day Setup – Alan Boulton (including footballs)

Membership – Anthony Hehir 

We are still looking to fill a number of positions,including two Executive Positions being Commercial Operations Director and Community Engagement Director,as well as a Sponsor Co-Ordinator and Functions Co-Ordinator.

If you can assist in other way please contact the Club via email,the website or simply speak to someone listed above.