MatchDay Behaviour



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TO  All EFNL Clubs.

 From Jy Bond - CEO

19th May 2023

Subject:Matchday Behaviour.


Good morning clubs,


After a successful start to the season across both senior and junior competitions we have unfortunately had numerous behavioral incidents across the league over the past weeks that require immediate attention.


Most spectators, participants, coaches and matchday officials have been conducting themselves in an exemplary manner whilst at EFNL matches, enhancing the experience for all players and attendees.


Recently, the league has seen several incidents of abuse towards senior and junior umpires from spectators and coaches and poor behaviour from the crowds between opposing club supporters.


Some cases of abuse have been targeted at our younger aged umpires, who like junior players are developing and require support and encouragement. Importantly our umpires are an integral part of our league and must be treated as so.


Any form of abuse cannot be tolerated by the league and should be addressed by the club management on the day. If necessary, serious concerns be reported to the EFNL for further action.


Our clubs must ensure all members of their teams and supporters conduct themselves in a manner that is inclusive and welcoming and provides support for umpires, players, and supporters alike.



Jy Bond

Chief Executive Officer