Executive and other positions,including Coaches Announced


Dear members, sponsors, supporters and players,

It is with great delight that we wish to announce the reappointment of Scott Goldsworthy to the position of Senior Coach for 2019. Since taking over the position in mid 2017, Scott has taken the club to the 2018 final series with an outstanding win loss ratio. Scott will continue to develop the current squad of players to further success into the future and we look forward to working with Scott and the team in 2019.

We also wish to welcome Wayne Dalton to the position of Under 19’s coach. Wayne has had extensive coaching experience with a number of clubs in his time, coaching different age groups juniors and was recently an Under 19 and Reserves umpire in the EFL. Wayne is looking forward to becoming part of the club and meeting the Under 19s, their parents and other coaches shortly.  Please make sure you introduce yourself to Wayne and make him welcome to the nest. 

After a very successful Special General Meeting, we wish to welcome some new faces and welcome back a number of faces into the committee. Thank you so very much for volunteering to assist us in bringing Scoresby 2019 to life.  We look forward to working with each and every one of you.  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  Please see below an outline of the structure and positions filled from the Special General Meeting:


Board Structure

  • Chair/President – Dave Renkin
  • Vice Chair/President – David Plumbridge
  • Secretary/Administration Manager – Natalie Coleman
  • Football Manager – Peter Richards
    •   Assistant Football Manager – Anthony Hehir
  • Treasurer/Finance Manager – Shannon Thompson
    •   Finance Assistant – Harry Birkenfelds
  • Social/Commercial Operations Manager – Rebecca Hehir
  • Community Engagement Managers – Joel Thompson and Owen Chadwick

Sub Committees

Social, incorporating:

  •  Saturday Canteen management & canteen rosters - Vacant
  •  Canteen Assistants – Damian Bardsley, Ian Bevis
  •  Sponsorship Manager – Carly Fraser
  • Bar management – Mick Anderson and Graeme Thompson
    • Saturday Outside Bar – Tom Bronsgeest
  • Social Events Manager  - Rebecca Hehir
    • Social Assistants – Ben Bronsgeest, Josh Du Vallon
  • Team Thursday evening meals – Richard ‘chef’ Craig
    • Assistant - Damian Bardsley 
  • Merchandise Managers – Sue Anderson and Jenny Waryszczuk

Community Engagement incorporating:

Junior Club President – Kate Potter

Veterans President – Brad Williams

Lysterfield Junior Club President – Rohan Smith

Netball President – Nicole Stone


General Committee/‘Ordinary’ Member

Ben Casey, Jenny Waryszczuk


Looking forward to getting the ball moving for 2019.